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528 722d 02h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Added netty based server implementation
527 722d 02h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Added new property com.ceridwen.circulation.SIP.VariableFieldOrdering which takes values alphabetical and specification, default being alphabetical.

This is a workaround for broken implementations which assume the variable fields will be in the same order as the specification rather than in any order.
526 722d 02h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Changed field annotation for holdQueueLength from NOT_REQUIRED, to REQUIRED, Length 5

Former is correct as to the specification but breaks the 3M SIP Emulator
525 1875d 17h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Final tidy prior to release
524 1875d 17h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Updated change log
Exposed PROP_ constants in Message
523 1875d 20h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ CIRC-10

Updated Message.calculateChecksum to deal with signed bytes. Fix from Rustam Usmanov.
522 1884d 14h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Removed redundant imports from SocketDaemon and Connection classes
Ensured XMLReader and XMLWriter streams are closed in Message
521 1885d 14h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ CIRC-10:

Refactor getCharsetEncoding to reside in Message rather than Connection
Charset Encoding used in calculate checksum
520 1964d 13h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ CIRC-9: Modified SocketDaemon to use BufferedWriter rather than PrintWriter
519 1964d 14h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ CIRC-9: Modified to include getCharset function from properties. Modified and to open OutputStreamWriter and InputStreamReader with charset encoding.

Modified SocketDaemon to open OutputStreamWriter and InputStreamReader with specified charset encoding.
479 2066d 01h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Updated changelog.txt
478 2066d 01h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Updated changelog.txt
477 2066d 13h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ CIRC-7: Explicitly add \r to messages sent and received rather than use println and newLine java methods.
476 2066d 16h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ CIRC-7: Added test case for socket transport. Added additional on SCStatus failure.
475 2066d 17h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ CIRC-7: Added test case for socket transport. Added test case to build.xml.
474 2066d 17h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ CIRC-7: Added test case for socket transport
473 2066d 18h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ CIRC-8: Fixed port in sample client code
470 2185d 16h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Updated ceridwen-utilities path in javadoc.xml
469 2189d 20h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Update changelog.txt
468 2189d 20h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ CIRC-6: Updated ceridwen-utilities-1.60 paths in build.xml and create-distribution.xml

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