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454 1716d 21h matthew.j.dovey / SELFISSUE-21

Added encoding to Check Systems report
453 1717d 00h matthew.j.dovey / Updated image for Systems - SIP configuration tab in config editor documentation
452 1717d 00h matthew.j.dovey / Fixing Java 1.7 dependencies to ensure compilation on Java 1.6
451 1717d 00h matthew.j.dovey / SELFISSUE-21

Updated class paths; added CharsetChooser to configuration; Added CharsetEncoding to config.xml
450 1717d 02h matthew.j.dovey / Fixing Java 1.7 dependencies to ensure compilation on Java 1.6
449 1717d 03h matthew.j.dovey / Fixing Java 1.7 dependencies to ensure compilation on Java 1.6
448 1717d 05h matthew.j.dovey / General code tidying of templates.
Corrected absolute path for circulation library
447 1907d 04h matthew.j.dovey / Updated changelog.txt
446 1907d 04h matthew.j.dovey / SELFISSUE-18: Add warning messages about configuration when reloading config
445 1907d 05h matthew.j.dovey / SELFISSUE-19: Added busy cursor to menu options
SELFISSUE-20: Added revalidate after loading form data
444 1907d 06h matthew.j.dovey / SELFISSUE-14: Added | to work similar to ¦ for command interface
443 1907d 06h matthew.j.dovey / SELFISSUE-15: Updated jgoodies-looks from 2.5.0 to 2.5.2. Seperated out jgoodies-common-1.4.0
SELFISSUE-16: Updated jaxfront from 2.77 to 2.79. Added commons-lang-2.6 dependency
SELFISSUE-17: Updated ceridwen-circulation from 2.81 to 2.90
442 1974d 23h matthew.j.dovey / Updates changelog.txt
441 1974d 23h matthew.j.dovey /
440 1975d 00h matthew.j.dovey / Updated ceridwen-utilities to include IOException thrown on constructor for PersistentQueue
Updated config documentation diagram ui-control.png
439 1975d 00h matthew.j.dovey / Updated changelog.txt
438 1975d 00h matthew.j.dovey / Updated ceridwen-utilities-1.61 to include correct constructor for com.ceridwen.utilities.collections.PersistentQueue
Added compatibility warning between persistent queue implementations in config.xsd
437 1975d 01h matthew.j.dovey / Added PersistentQueueImplementation configuration option for backwards compatibility
Updated ceridwen-utilities to 1.61
436 1975d 11h matthew.j.dovey / Removed duplication xs:documentation from config.xsd
435 1975d 11h matthew.j.dovey / Updated changelog.txt

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