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394 2043d 07h matthew.j.dovey /branches/
383 2252d 02h matthew.j.dovey /branches/
382 2252d 02h matthew.j.dovey /branches/ Refactoring and tidying startup code
381 2252d 05h matthew.j.dovey /branches/
380 2252d 05h matthew.j.dovey /branches/
379 2252d 05h matthew.j.dovey /branches/
376 2253d 08h matthew.j.dovey /branches/ Experimental port from swing to JavaFX
342 2278d 10h matthew.j.dovey /branches/ Aleph patch.

Aleph omits mandatory fields for CheckOutResponse (in particular dueDate)
341 2278d 10h matthew.j.dovey /branches/ pre-patched jar from live distribution
340 2278d 10h matthew.j.dovey /branches/ Wrong file added
339 2278d 10h matthew.j.dovey /branches/ Pre-patched jar file from distribution
338 2278d 11h matthew.j.dovey /branches/ Patch to accommodate Aleph CheckoutResponse missing required dueDate field
281 2535d 08h matthew.j.dovey /branches/ Initial refactoring of RFIDDevice to generic IDReaderDevice
280 2535d 08h matthew.j.dovey /branches/
46 4754d 08h matthew.j.dovey /branches/ Initial transfer to Subversion