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454 1754d 16h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ SELFISSUE-21

Added encoding to Check Systems report
453 1754d 19h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Updated image for Systems - SIP configuration tab in config editor documentation
452 1754d 19h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Fixing Java 1.7 dependencies to ensure compilation on Java 1.6
449 1754d 22h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Fixing Java 1.7 dependencies to ensure compilation on Java 1.6
448 1755d 00h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ General code tidying of templates.
Corrected absolute path for circulation library
447 1944d 23h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Updated changelog.txt
446 1944d 23h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ SELFISSUE-18: Add warning messages about configuration when reloading config
445 1945d 00h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ SELFISSUE-19: Added busy cursor to menu options
SELFISSUE-20: Added revalidate after loading form data
443 1945d 01h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ SELFISSUE-15: Updated jgoodies-looks from 2.5.0 to 2.5.2. Seperated out jgoodies-common-1.4.0
SELFISSUE-16: Updated jaxfront from 2.77 to 2.79. Added commons-lang-2.6 dependency
SELFISSUE-17: Updated ceridwen-circulation from 2.81 to 2.90
441 2012d 18h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/
438 2012d 19h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Updated ceridwen-utilities-1.61 to include correct constructor for com.ceridwen.utilities.collections.PersistentQueue
Added compatibility warning between persistent queue implementations in config.xsd
437 2012d 20h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Added PersistentQueueImplementation configuration option for backwards compatibility
Updated ceridwen-utilities to 1.61
434 2013d 06h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Tidied up config.xsd and related files
Modified order of initialisation of UI and CirculationHandler in SelfIssueFrame so that start up errors can force an Out of Order screen, and initial UI errors can force system exit.
433 2013d 18h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Fixed UTF8 error in config.xsd
430 2013d 18h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/
427 2013d 19h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Format tidying in documentation
425 2013d 20h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Tidying html output
423 2013d 22h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Added configuration editor documentation generation:

422 2014d 06h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ Updated annotations in config.xsd.
Fixed word wrapping in help text diaplay in Editor
421 2015d 00h matthew.j.dovey /trunk/ SELFISSUE-13: Added check on close if there are unsaved changes

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